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Osteochondritis and osteochondritis dessicans of the shoulder can be primary or secondary conditions.

We see more secondary causes for shoulder problems due to shifting of weight from the rear end to the front end of the dog because of hip dysplasia, spondylosis of the back, or torn cruciate ligaments of the knee. The shoulder is treated with the gold bead implant just on the lateral side of the joint. It works by tightening up the ligaments and tendons around the shoulder which reduces the shoulder pain. In the osteodhondritis dessicans, the gold causes the joint mouse to be reabsorbed by the body in one to three months. Most animals are completely sound within 1 week post gold bead implant.


The acupuncture points located on the canine shoulder are common points used to do the gold bead implant for shoulder arthritis.

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This is a condition that can have many causes. Excess vertebral movement and improper diet during the growing stages of a dog can be causes of spondylosis.

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