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This is a condition that can have many causes. Excess vertebral movement and improper diet during the growing stages of a dog can be causes of spondylosis.

Some literature says spondylosis is secondary to a herniated disc, but excessive vertebral movement can cause the herniated disc. Brucellosis can also be a cause for spondylosis as well as excessive amount of vitamin A. Our treatment for the spondylosis is the gold bead implant around the vertebrae of the back. This stabalize the vertebrae which prevents pain and allows the return of normal nerve function. Some dogs have had complete remodeling of their back within 2 years post gold bead implant.


The green arrow shows the normal gap at the base of the vertebra. The red arrows point to areas of spondylosis and the blue arrows show the gap at the base of the vertebra how it starts to enlarge before the spondylosis occurs.


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