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Most of the arthritic cases of the stifle has been secondary to a torn anterior cruciate ligament. The cruciate ligament tear must be repaired before doing the gold bead implant.

Once the cruciate ligament is repaired, many dogs do not require the gold bead implant. If the gold bead implant is needed, it is placed on the medial and lateral side of the stifle joint. There is some lighting of the joint, but more pain relief and reduction of inflammation of the stifle will occur.

stifle joint

Lateral view of the stifle showing acupuncture points where gold bead are placed for arthritis of the knee. Areas within the circle are where we find several trigger points. Gold beads are also placed into trigger points.

stifle joint2

Medial view of the stifle showing where the gold beads are placed. Gold beads are also placed into the trigger points found inside the circle.

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